Update on Jessica’s film, “Susie Sunshine”

1798350_10155712097805352_1885519664410844177_n“Susie Sunshine” a high concept sci-fi short, which Jessica produced and stars in, has finished shooting and is now in the hands of the truly phenomenal post-production team! Finishing post production is world class editor Julian Smirke (Star Wars, Star Trek Enterprise…), incredible Sound Designer, David Raines, and composer Dean Harada and an amazing VFX team working overtime!  Stay tuned for Susie Sunshine’s journey through the independent film festival circuit!  Go to her INDIEGOGO campaign and learn all about the process of creating ‘Susie Sunshine’ and about firesight production’s successful indiegogo campaign that exceeded their goal of $15,000.

 ‘Susie Sunshine’ on Indie Gogo

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Jessica’s welcomed back to


Jessica talks to two of her favorite hosts, Matt and John, about launching Susie Sunshine into production, performing in the Re-animator The Musical in Vegas, writing and shooting sketches, naked podcasts, and more 😉  Have a listen!

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