Trailer for “The Hitchhiker” is out!

So excited to share this gorgeous trailer for “The Hitchhiker.”  A spoof on a twilight zone episode.  The teaser says it all. I have a featured part in this amazing short as none other than, ‘the alien.’  Oh Yeah.  You won’t see me on this, but you can get a real taste for the film.  Which, by the way, was shot on actual film.  Really incredible work done on this and I’m so happy to share.  Directed by Alexander Jacobs and Starring Nora Zehetner.  Enjoy!


The Hitchhiker is a parody of the original Twilight Zone series.  Set in 1959, an aspiring actress drives from Manhattan to Hollywood, pursued by an unrelenting stranger who may be a figment of her imagination.  Shot in black and white on super 16mm, the film is a homage to the series, satirizing the tropes and updating the sensibility for a modern day audience.

Nora Zehetner (Brick, Grey’s Anatomy) stars as the damsel in distress.   Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver) plays the Hitchhiker with a hidden agenda.
Featuring guest appearances by: Barry Corbin, Beau Knapp, Mike Nelson, Kyle Overstreet, Helen Wilson, Yogi Roth and Jessica Howell.

Directed by: Alexander Harrison Jacobs
Written by: David Gallic
Produced by: Adam Blake Carver & Melissa Panzer
Production Designer: Lauren Meyer

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